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Interior Cost Of Construction

What will be the Interior Design cost of a 2 BHK flat or a building? We get this question asked a lot. And honestly, it's a valid question to ask.

You should very well know how much money you will need to make your home beautiful.

This will help you prepare for the funds in advance and decide whether you want to go for a full-fledged Interior Design or not.

The cost of Interior Design depends on a lot of factors, such as the design of the Furniture, quality of materials, quality of wall paint and wood polish, quality of fabric you use for sofas and curtains, light fixtures, and many other things.

So, it is not easy to determine the cost of Interior Design without having the specifications and requirements on hand.

However, there are certain thumb rules you can apply to decide on the Interior Design cost of your 2 BHK flat.

We've completed a number of home interiors by now from lower to moderate to high-end budgets. So we have a pretty good idea of the cost for designing & executing a House.

If you are going to hire an Interior Designer for your home, then there are two types of costs you need to consider, and we shall discuss both types in detail below:

  • Consultancy Fees of an Interior Designer

  • Execution Cost (This includes, all materials and labor costs)

And, if you are not going to hire an Interior Designer then you do not need to worry about the consultancy fee part. All you need to take care of is the execution cost.

Based on our previous experience and have completed a number of Interior Design projects, one thing we can tell you is that it is almost impossible to estimate the exact Interior Design cost of any project, mainly because of the changes in material selection, from the time when the budget is estimated to the actual material selection and execution on site.

We’ll share an example with you to help you understand this issue.

Let’s call our Client Mr. X. So, Mr. X has a newly built 6000 Sq.Ft. Bungalow and he wants to get the complete Interior Design done.

So, he visited us, and after initial discussions, we created the a presentation of the bungalow based on his requirements and choice of style.

He wanted the house to feel very modern. So, we created the designs that reflected his vision. After a few discussions, the designs were finalized. He loved it. Now it was time to finalize the costs to execute his vision.

We set out to create a detailed budget including the material specifications. The budget that we made came around Rs. 92 Lacs.

Here’s a breakdown of the major materials we considered in the budget.

  • Flooring – Composite Marble = 310 Rs./Sq.Ft.

  • Veneer – 180 Rs./Sq.Ft.

  • Light Fixtures – Philips = 1600 Rs./piece

  • Sofa & Curtain Fabrics = approx. 1200 Rs./Mt.

There’s more to this list, but for this example, we’re good with these details.

The client was happy with the budget and we started preparing the detailed designs and execution drawings and began work on site.

We started with false ceiling works and started looking for options for flooring. Now, see how this one decision made a huge difference in the overall budget.

What we considered for flooring was a 310 Rs./Sq.Ft. composite marble, but when we went to select and finalize the material, the client liked the Italian marble more instead of the composite marble.

The one he liked was costing around 540 Rs./Sq.Ft, an amount quite high than what we’d estimated initially. Let’s look at the impact it had on the budget:

As per our budget

  • Cost for composite marble = 310 Rs./Sq.Ft.

  • Total quantity required including skirting and 10% wastage = 5900 Sq.Ft.

  • Labour cost = 115 Rs./Sq.Ft. including raw materials

  • So, total cost for the flooring = 5900 x 425 = Rs. 25,07,500/-

Now, let’s look at the cost for the same with Italian Marble:

  • Cost for Italian marble = 540 Rs./Sq.Ft.

  • Total quantity required including skirting and 10% wastage = 5900 Sq.Ft.

  • Labour cost = 115 Rs./Sq.Ft. including raw materials

  • So, total cost for the flooring = 5900 x 655 = Rs. 45,19,500/-

That’s a whopping 1.5x+ jump on the cost of flooring alone. On top of that, he opted for a little costlier Veneer & Lighting.

So, the overall budget went from Rs. 92 Lacs to 1 Crore 23 Lacs. Our client never realized this increase until we presented them with the revised budget.

He himself was shocked to see such a huge change. And that’s what happens when we don’t stick to the plan.

Moral never rushes into starting the work on-site before you have finalized the materials and other specifications with your Interior Designer.

Discuss everything in detail with other members of your family.

Take their advice, and suggestions and see if you need to revise the design or budget to accommodate those requirements and do that before starting the work.

It will help you save a lot of money and time at later stages.

We always prefer to start work on site after we have complete clarity on all aspects of the project.

Now with that in mind, let’s look into the Interior Design cost of the 2Bhk home.

As we said earlier, it is impossible to derive the exact formula for this. However, we will try to be as specific as possible.

Interior Design Cost of 2 BHK Flat

If you are looking for a quick answer, then based on our previous experience we have derived some thumb rule formulas to calculate the cost of Interior Designs, and here they are.

Please note these are just assumptions and the final cost may vary depending on the designs and material specifications.

  • Interior Design Cost (Low Budget) = 1000 Rs./Sq.Ft. for the carpet area of your home.


  • Interior Design Cost (Moderate Budget) = 1100 to 1500 Rs./Sq.Ft. for the carpet area of your home.

  • Interior Design Cost (High-end Budget) = 1600 to 2500 Rs./Sq.Ft. for the carpet area of your home.

Note: Above rates do not include, flooring, bathroom tiles, and fixtures, all electronic items such as TV, ACs, etc, and electrical items such as a chimney, geyser, etc.

Now, as we mentioned above there are two types of costs you need to look at.

  • Consultancy Fees

  • Execution Cost

Let’s look at the consultancy fees first.

Consultancy charge varies from designer to designer. However, most Interior Designers charges between 100 to 200 Rs./Sq.Ft.

Now, most 2 BHK flats ranging from 650 to 900 Sq.Ft. carpet area. Let’s take the average and calculate the consultancy fees for your 2 BHK apartments.

  • Average Carpet Area = 775 Sq.Ft.

  • Average consultancy fees = 120 Rs./Sq.Ft. + 18% GST

Consultancy fees for your home = 775 x 120 = 93000 Rs. + 18% GST

This is what you have to pay to an established designer.

Now, let’s look at the cost of executing a 2 BHK flat.

We’re going to cover each room separately. These assumptions are based on a moderate-level budget.

First, we’re going to give you the most common things that apply to all rooms, such as false ceiling, electrical, wall painting, etc. The Area of the flat is considered 775 Sq.Ft.

  • Cost for Gypsum False Ceiling = Rs. 57,850/-

  • Cost for Electrical Fittings (considering each room will have four concealed lights, one fan and one decorative light (i.e. spot light etc.) = Rs. 35,000/-

  • Electrical Labour (including wires & extra switches) = Rs. 32,000/-

  • Total cost for Electrical works = Rs. 67,000/-


  • Concealed Lights = Philips or Changi

  • Decorative Lights = Changi

  • Ceiling Fan = Crompton Greaves

  • Cost for Wall paint and some polishing (Asian Royale) = Rs. 89,000/-

  • Plywood + Laminate panelling for AC & Curtain = Rs. 36,000/-

  • Curtains = Rs. 46,000/- (fabric cost approx. 400 to 500 Rs./Mt.)

  • Curtain Type = Three Pleated with channel

  • Cost for decorative art pieces (paintings etc) = Rs. 15,000/-

  • Cost for artificial plants / grass = Rs. 10,000/-

  • Bathroom Accessories (towel hangers, soap dish, etc) = Rs. 7,000/-

Now that we’ve covered the majority of common items, let’s look at the furniture cost for each room.

Before we calculate the furniture cost, here’s a list of materials and brands and their respective costs we’ve considered.

  • Plywood = 70 Rs./Sq.Ft. (There are no hard rules here, you can go for any brand you want within the price range)

  • Laminate = 1300 to 1500 Rs./sheet (brand - Durian)

  • Kitchen Channels (Soft Close) = 850 Rs./set (brand - Hetitch)

Let’s get into the details of furniture now room by room.

Entry Foyer

  • Shoes Rack = 14,000 Rs.

Living Room

  • 1 Two Seater Sofa = Rs. 20,000/-

  • 1 Three Seater Sofa = Rs. 28,000/-

  • 1 Centre Table = Rs. 12,000/-

  • 1 TV Unit = Rs. 14,000/-

  • 1 Side Table = Rs. 6,000/-

  • Total for Living Room = Rs. 80,000/-


  • 1 King Size Bed with Hydraulic Storage = Rs. 42,000/-

  • 1 Side Table with Drawer = Rs. 7,000/-

  • 1 Wardrobe (7’ length and 9’ height) = Rs. 88,200/-

  • 1 Dressing Unit (2’ length and 7’ height) = Rs. 9,500/-

  • Total for One Bedroom = Rs. 1,46,700/-

So, Furniture cost of 2 nos. of Bedrooms = 1,46,700 x 2 = Rs. 2,93,400/-

Kitchen + Dining

  • Kitchen (with a glossy laminate finish, profile handles, and soft-close channels (Platform length 8’) = Rs. 89,000/-

  • Service Counter (if space permits – 5’ length) = Rs. 21,000/-

  • Dining Table with 4 x Chairs (Made from wood support and plywood + laminate top) = Rs. 37000/-

Kitchen + Dining Total = Rs. 1,47,000/-

Laminate On All Existing Doors (both sides) most builders provide doors with paint only, so we recommend applying laminate on the as it will be easier for you to maintain = Rs. 30,000/- (5 x doors considered here, 2 x Bedrooms, 2 x Toilets, and 1 x wash area).

We think we’ve covered most of the things. Now let’s add up everything and find the cost to decorate your 2 Bhk flat.

Total Interior Design Cost:

  • Furniture = Rs. 5,64,000/-

  • False Ceiling = Rs. 57,850/-

  • Electrical Works = Rs. 89,000/-

  • AC / Curtain Panelling = Rs. 36,000/-

  • Curtains = Rs. 46,000/-

  • Decorative Art Pieces = Rs. 15,000/-

  • Artificial Plants = Rs. 10,000/-

  • Bathroom Accessories = Rs. 7,000/-

  • Total Execution Cost = Rs. 8,24,000/-

  • Interior Design Consultancy Fees = Rs. 93,000/-

Total Interior Cost for a 2 BHK Flat will be = Rs. 9,17,850/-

Now, let’s divide that to our carpet area, so we get the per Square Feet price.

Per Square Feet Cost = Total Cost of Interior Design / Total Carpet Area

Per Square Feet Cost = 9,17,850 / 775

= 1184 Rs./Sq.Ft.

Note that this estimate is in the category of moderate budget for a 2 BHK flat.

You can reduce it by selecting materials in a cheaper price range and reducing the furniture and other amenities to the minimum required.

Likewise, you can stretch it up to a higher range and get the best finishes you desire.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

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